Yellow Line Infringement

Yellow Line Infringement

Reporting Yellow Line Parking Offences

Keighley Town Council is committed to ensuring a collaborative approach to parking enforcement. We actively engage with both Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police to pass on your parking concerns and maintain the safety and convenience of our community.

As of June 2016, parking contraventions, including violations of yellow lines or parking bay restrictions fall under the jurisdiction of the Local Council Authority’s Civil Enforcement Officers (Traffic Wardens).

Why Report:

Reporting parking offences is crucial for maintaining a safe and orderly community. Instances of parking on double yellow lines or violations of parking bay restrictions can impede traffic flow and pose safety hazards.

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How to Report directly to Bradford Council:

For concerns related to parking on double yellow lines or issues with parking bay restrictions, residents can report directly to Bradford Council here:

Nuisance or Obstructive Parking to West Yorkshire Police:

If you encounter nuisance or obstructive parking situations that go beyond standard parking contraventions, such as causing obstructions, please report these instances to West Yorkshire Police.