Watch & Transport

Watch & Transport

Cllr P. Cook – Chairman
Cllr M. Anayat – Vice Chairman

Cllr E. Bernardini
Cllr P. Corkindale
Cllr J. Lawless
Cllr J. Akhtar
Cllr M. Dowse
Cllr L. Maunsell – Ex-officio

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The Watch & Transport Committee is responsible for the management of council assets such as Grit Bins, Boundary Signs, Heritage Phone boxes and supporting CCTV schemes. 

The committee receives regular updates from West Yorkshire Police on issues relating to Keighley.  

Committee meetings are held on 1st Monday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held by-monthly.

Terms of Reference

  • To liaise with Keighley Police in local anti-crime initiatives and partnerships, recommending ways in which the Council can assist in crime prevention.
  • To receive, note and offer recommendations concerning Licensing Applications.
  • To consider issues relating to community and public transport services and make recommendations to the Council for action.
  • To consider issues relating to traffic calming and signage, car parking, street lighting and other highway matters including footpaths adjacent with highways (Road Traffic Act 1977) and to make recommendations to the Council for action.
  • To actively engage and provide assistance and support to jointly funded projects in line with the Council regulations and within the terms of the committee remit and report back to Council
  • To be responsible for any budget delegated to it by the Council
  • To ensure that the committee conforms to the principle of Best Value by the outcomes of its financial resolutions.
  • To approve all payments made by the committee when submitted with the financial Report.