Blue Badge Parking Areas

Parking Spaces in Keighley Designated for Disabled Drivers or Passengers

Please note that a valid Blue Badge must be displayed and the time of arrival clock may need to be displayed at some venues.  Disabled people displaying valid Blue Badges may park free at all Bradford Council parking places but some private car parks charge everyone, including Blue Badge holders.  We have had reports of disabled people being fined at the Excel Car Park off Cavendish Street.


Blue Badge Parking In Keighley
Cook Street 4 bays at the side of the road, 5 spaces in the disabled person’s car park
Church Green 4 spaces at market end of car park
Hanover Street 2 spaces in a bay near the rear of the post office
Railway Station 2 spaces for Blue Badge holders at the drop off point in front of Keighley Railway Station.
Scott Street Car Park 4 Spaces
Cliffe Castle Museum 2 spaces by museum entrance.
By law privately owned car parks used by the public have to have Blue Badge parking spaces.  The rule is 4% of total plus four spaces. However, the law does not state these places must be free.  Please check by driving to the notice board before parking your car.
Morrison’s Market Car Park 2 Spaces
Morrison’s Own Car Park 14 Spaces
Airedale Multi-Storey 20 spaces on varying floors
Asda 22 Spaces
Sainsburies 17 Spaces
Aldi 10 Spaces
Cavendish Street Car Park 9 spaces Not clearly marked
BEWARE! This car park is privately owned by Excel Car Parks.  Disabled people must pay at this site and will be fined for not paying even if only parking for a few minutes.