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Vacancies and Contracts


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Keighley Town Council Eid Event Procurement

Event Organiser Brief
Task: To deliver in the Summer of 2023 an outdoor event that is open and free to the public to attend to celebrate the Eid Festival. The event must include entertainment, stalls, food and drink for all the family.  

With a population of over 50,000, Keighley has a diverse community with various religious and cultural backgrounds.
One of the significant religious events celebrated by the Muslim community in Keighley is Eid-al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Traditionally, Eid is a time for families to come together, share food, and enjoy festivities.
Over the years, Keighley Town Council has been organising Eid events to celebrate this important occasion for the Muslim community. However, due to limited resources, these events have not always been successful in catering to the needs of the whole community.
To address these challenges, Keighley Town Council has decided to seek an external partner with the necessary skills and experience to deliver an Eid event suitable for the whole family to enjoy. The aim is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the community while promoting community cohesion and cultural awareness. By partnering with an external organisation, Keighley Town Council hopes to create an inclusive Eid celebration that reflects the diverse community of Keighley.

Brief Details
1. Management of Event licensing. The event must take place within Keighley Parish Boundary and must be accessible to the whole community.
2. The event must be a minimum of 4 hours in length and take place during daylight hours.
3. Production of Event Plan for submission and presentation to the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).
4. Development of comprehensive Risk Assessments and ensuring that actions are carried out on recommendations of scoring.
5. Book artists, stalls, entertainment and food and drink within the allocated budget.
6. To manage the required number of food and drink concessions for the event. Ensuring all relevant paperwork, licences and permissions are in place.
7. To be on site / available for the site build and break down, ensuring safety, dealing with issues arising and being available to meet with statutory agencies as required.
8. To ensure all food and drink concessions are safely positioned and all requirements are met on site.
9. To sign off on site-readiness for the public and final sign off on site being returned as found.
10. To be on-site during the event fulfilling the role of Event Controller.
11. Provide a safe number of stewards and volunteers for the event.
12. To co-ordinate with Keighley Town Council on the marketing and promotion of the event.
13. To ensure the event is correctly branded and adheres to the Brand Guidelines of Keighley Town Council.
14. Provide a named contact who will be responsible for liaising with Keighley Town Council.
15. To provide pre-event and post event reports to Keighley Town Council.
16. To ensure your organisation has adequate insurance cover for the event. A minimum liability for both Public and Employees of £10million is recommended.
The maximum budget available for the management and delivery of the event is £7,000.
Deadline for quote submissions is Friday 21 April 2023
Decision taken by Keighley Town Council during Wednesday 26 April 2023
Contact information
Any questions relating to the quote should be directed to Pip Gibson, via email or telephone 01535 872126.
Completed quotations can be supplied either in writing to:
Deputy Town Clerk
Keighley Town Council
Civic Centre
North Street
BD21 3RZ
Or via email to  

Keighley Town Council Payroll Services
Keighley Town Council are seeking qualified practitioners to provide Payroll Services to the town council for the next 3 years.
The JPAG (Joint Panel on Accountability & Governance) guide requires the Town Council to have robust payroll process in place for all the town council employees. This requires a full suite of payroll activities, which have been outlined below.
The payroll provider will be required to provide the following services:

Overview of Duties covered:
a) HR Transactional input
b) Payroll processing
c) Reconciliation of statutory deductions payable to HMRC
d) Payments to third parties
e) Statutory returns
f) Full administration of the LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme) pension scheme if applicable
g) Electronic Payslip Production
h) Customer support
i) Appropriate training to enable the Customer to provision the required information to maintain the staffing records for the business.

Detailed Specification
1. Payroll Processing
The Supplier will deliver the following service:
a) Maintenance of a comprehensive and accurate payroll record for all staff employed by Keighley Town Council.
b) Calculation of all payments and deductions in accordance with statutory and contractual requirements.
c) Payment of salaries and authorised expenses on the required pay dates (currently 26th of each month) unless the 26th falls on a weekend, bank holiday then salaries are paid on the nearest working day preceding the 26th.
d) Payment of incremental salary increases.
e) Payment of pay awards and back pay (where necessary).
f) Deduction of authorised and agreed voluntary payroll deductions and payment to the appropriate service supplier.
g) Notification to employees of half pay and no pay dates due to sickness absence.
h) Recovery of all overpayments on behalf of Keigley Town Council
i) Provision of payroll data to authorised third parties e.g. mortgage lenders
j) Completion and submission of statutory returns
k) Completion and submission of returns to the West Yorkshire Pension Fund

2. HR Transactional Support
The Supplier will provide the services noted below. These will be conveyed to the supplier by named authorised personnel who have the authority to act on behalf of the Town Council:
a) Starter Actions
b) Change Of Personal Information
c) Change of Contract
d) Change of Hours
e) Change of Salary
f) Change Of Term Time Only Conditions
g) Leaver Actions – assist Keighley Town Council with calculations for outstanding holiday pay for any leavers and Keighley Town Council of any additional amounts to pay or deduct.

3. Statutory Notifications to Employees
The following statutory forms will be issued to employees as per HMRC Guidelines:
a) P46 forms as required
b) Annual P60 form
c) P11D forms as necessary
d) P45 forms to leavers
e) SSP1 / SMP1 / SPP1 / SHPP1 and SAP1 forms for employees who are not eligible to receive statutory payments

4. West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF)
The Supplier will ensure that all items listed below are produced in accordance with LGPS Regulations:
a) Maintenance of employee pension contribution & AVC records
b) Notification to WYPF of all new members
c) Notification to WYPF of all changes to any employee’s contractual hours
d) Notification to WYPF of name changes
e) Notification to WYPF of leavers and calculation of final year’s salary
f) All statutory auto enrolment processing
g) Responding to all queries from WYPF
h) Provision of tax year-end information to pension and AVC providers
i) Annual return of all Officers’ service and salary information

5. Staffing costs
The Supplier will fund Town Council staffing costs and recoup the full cost from the Customer. An invoice for the full months staffing costs paid on the 26th of the month will be raised on the same day.
Should any inaccuracies in the monthly staffing costs charged be identified by either the Keighley Town Council or the Supplier, adjustments will be made to subsequent monthly staffing costs invoice(s).

6. Service Delivery
The service will be available to the Customer between the hours of 0900-1600 Monday to Friday and will be delivered by qualified experienced staff who will:
a) be knowledgeable on local authority conditions of service and pay matters
b) advise Keighley Town Council if an error has occurred and take prompt remedial action
c) notify Keighley Town Council annually of the deadline for monthly payroll processing

Current Staffing levels
The Town Council currently employs 10 employees. 5 full time and 5 part time. In addition to the 10 employees, the council also pays a monthly allowance to its 30 councillors. This set amount is paid via payroll.
The council also has a bank of casual staff, who work as and when required. Casual staff are paid for the hours they work monthly, subject to the submission of a completed timesheet. The casual staff list is currently 5 employees.
In your quotation, please include the following supporting information.
– All quotes should include annual cost for the undertaking of the detailed tasks outlined above.
– Show any applicable VAT costs.
– Multi-year agreement saving if applicable.
– Additional daily rate for additional work over and above the agreed contract provisions.

Deadline for quote submissions is Friday 31 March 2023.
Decision taken by Keighley Town Council during June 2023.

Contact information
Any questions relating to the quote should be directed to Peter Clarke, Responsible Financial Officer via email or telephone 01535 872126.

Completed quotations can be supplied either in writing to:
Town Clerk
Keighley Town Council
Civic Centre
North Street
BD21 3RZ
Or via email to  

Deadline for quotes to be submitted is 5.00pm on Friday 31 March 2023

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Formulation and carrying out of a community engagement / consultation of the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan

Initial brief to consultants
Task: To Establish the Community’s Aspirations and Key Themes for the Neighbourhood Plan

Keighley Town Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan under the powers granted by the Localism Act 2011. The Neighbourhood plan aims to cover the period up to 2038, which will be co-terminus with the emerging Local Plan being drafted by the planning authority, Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

The Town Council Planning Committee has discussed the way forward for the Neighbourhood Plan, this includes establishing a neighbourhood plan steering group (NPSG) to oversee the creation of the plan. This group will include town and district councillors but also representatives of community organisations and members of the public. To date the Council has held a general information event where approximately 40 people attended to learn more about the neighbourhood planning process, but no further engagement or consultation has yet taken place.

The Town Council is aware that there is clearly a need for further engagement and have resolved to carry out a round of consultation in the early spring. The purpose of this round of consultation is:
To establish the community’s core aspirations for the development of Keighley’s neighbourhood plan.
For the community to have a broad understanding of the likely consequences of delivering those aspirations.

This will establish in broad terms the ‘direction of travel’ of the neighbourhood plan providing the basis for research and further consultation.

The Town Council is considering using consultants and agencies to assist with this work. Informal quotes are requested indicating suggested costs and briefly outlining how the work would be conducted.

Brief Details
1. Prepare and cost the detailed programme of work to carry out the initial consultation
Carry out necessary evidence base preparation to support the Neighbourhood Plan preparation.
Carry out comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement to inform the evidence base and test the topic themes that emerge resulting in the establishment of a Vision and set of Objectives for the Neighbourhood plan.
Output: A costed proposal for carrying out the engagement process, assuming that the Consultant will lead the process, but that the NPSG will provide support as agreed with the consultant.

Delivery of the Consultation
Once the programme of work, costs, timetable and process have been agreed the consultant will prepare for and deliver the engagement process, including:
• The intellectual content, graphics, presentational material, etc.
• Delivery of the works
• Follow up report summarising the outcome and findings of the process, to be emailed in PDF and Word document file format.
Regular progress reports will be submitted to the NPSG.

Having submitted the documents from the consultation present the findings and recommendation to the NPSG.

Consultant Application
Respondents to this brief are to submit outline proposals to carry out this work, that;
• Illustrates approaches to carrying out such consultations and their pros and cons.
• Explains how a high level of engagement can be achieved while not prejudging outcomes
• A recommendation as to which approach would be best for Neighbourhood Plan.
• Availability to commence the works and duration to complete the brief
• Expected and maximum costs for undertaking the brief
• Factors that would cause a major deviation from the dates, duration and costs included in the application.
Output: A report summarising the above, supported by detailed appendices as appropriate. To be emailed in PDF and Word format, and a short presentation and discussion of key proposals with the steering group.
Deadline for quote submissions is Friday 21 April 2023
Decision taken by Keighley Town Council during June 2023
Contact information
Any questions relating to the quote should be directed to Joe Cooney, Town Clerk, via email or telephone 01535 872126.
Completed quotations can be supplied either in writing to:
Town Clerk
Keighley Town Council
Civic Centre
North Street
BD21 3RZ
Or via email to  
Deadline for quotes to be submitted is 4.00pm Friday 21 April 2023.