Utley Cemetery Baby Memorial

On Tuesday 2 March, the first steps in the tidying of the area around Utley Baby Memorial began. Funded by Cllr Clare Abberton’s Ward Development Fund, Steve Thorpe and Son Gardening did a huge tidy of the area around the graves, cutting back overgrown brambles and grass, as well as clearing all the muddy sludge that has appeared over the winter. The path to the rear of the area was also revealed.

Our next step is to organise a Zoom meeting with as many parents as possible, using the Facebook group where we have been sharing information and updates, as well as our mailing list that we have been building up. This will be to discuss the next stage, making sure it is as mutually agreeable as possible with as many parents as possible. If anyone would like to be added to the mailing list please send a message to Your information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Cllr Clare Abberton says: “We were delighted that the Finance and Audit Committee agreed the first lot of funding to tidy around the Baby Memorial at their last meeting. We are absolutely thrilled with what Steve Thorpe and his son have achieved so far and it is fabulous to have all the wonderful comments from the family and friends of these young people. I am also touched that our Community Development Committee, which I sit on, have chosen to support this worthy project with some of their funding, meaning we can achieve a lot more than was originally hoped.”