Town Plan

Town Plan

Welcome to the Town Plan. Keighley Town Council’s commitment to the Keighley community.

Keighley Town Council has been in existence now for nearly two decades but there is still confusion about what we do or what the difference is between your Town Council and Bradford District Council.

So, to address this issue we have put together a Town Plan for Keighley.

The Town Plan is based on our local knowledge, feedback from the communities we serve and the hundreds of local groups and projects we have supported over the years. It gives your Town Council a focus for its work and provides a really useful reference for groups wishing to apply for funding and work in partnership with us for the benefit of the town.

The Town Plan is a living document and can be adapted to reflect our response to local issues, emerging opportunities and our commitment to supporting and involving local people in shaping the future of their own neighbourhoods.

Coronavirus: In spite of the difficult and challenging times we live in we have still been able to deliver many of our services, support local groups, set up working partnerships and fund many local projects for the benefit of the Keighley community.

Details of projects supported by the Council will appear regularly on our website, newsletter and on our social media pages so you can see for yourself what’s happening, have your say, share your own bright ideas and find out how you can get involved.

A copy of the town plan can be downloaded by clicking this link that will display a PDF Document

Our Deputy Town Clerk, Pip Gibson has been actively organising and supporting community development initiatives across the town for many years in response to a wide range of emerging issues and opportunities. A key aspect of Pip’s work is to deliver Keighley Town Council’s commitment to the people in response to the Town Plan’s key objectives by supporting the development of local groups and partnerships.