Town Deal

Town Deal

In 2019 the Government announced the first 100 towns who would benefit from the opportunity to submit a Town Deal bid. The Town Deal could be worth up to £25million to Keighley. The town deals aims are to drive regeneration in the following areas;

  • Urban regeneration, planning and land use: ensuring towns are thriving places for people to live and work, including by: increasing density in town centres; strengthening local economic assets including local cultural assets; site acquisition, remediation, preparation, regeneration; and making full use of planning tools to bring strategic direction and change.
  • Skills and enterprise infrastructure: driving private sector investment and ensuring towns have the space to support skills and small business development.
  • Connectivity: developing local transport schemes that complement regional and national networks, as well as supporting the delivery of improved digital connectivity

The Town Deal Board was established in September 2020 to oversee the development of the Town Deal investment plan which must be submitted to central Government for consideration. The Town Council plays a leading role on the board, through its nominated board member Cllr Peter Corkindale. The Town Council holds one of the three public body seats on the board alongside Robbie Moore MP and Bradford MDC (represented by Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw).

Cllr Corkindale not only represents Keighley Town Council on the board but also Haworth, Cross Road and Standbury Parish Council.

Other members of the board are made up from the private sector, and third sector representatives. The board is chaired by Ian Hayfield from Hayfield and Robinson Property Consultants.

Information on the work of the board, including agendas and minutes can be found on the Bradford MDC website via the following link