Keighley Town Council has thirteen allotment sites under its control which all fall under the remit of

Allotments & Landscapes Committee.

The committee consists of 8 councillors who are elected by full council at the Annual Town Meeting held in May each year, the councillors selected serve on the committee for the next 12 months.

Luke Maunsell

Committee Chair

Cllr Maunsell

Cllr Bernadini

Vice Chair

Cllr Bernadini

Cllr M Dowse

Cllr Dowse

Cllr C Graham

Cllr Graham

Cllr L Wrench

Cllr Wrench

Cllr A Walker

Cllr A Walker

Cllr Ali

Cllr N Ali



Cllr Julie Addams

Deputy Mayor

Cllr Julie Adams

Cllr Peter Corkindale

Town Mayor Cllr

Peter Corkindale