: Luke Maunsell: 01535 872126: cllr.luke.maunsell@keighley.gov.uk: (Chair Allotments and Landscapes), Finance and Audit, Town Council's representative for Oakworth Village Society.: Oakworth

    I am fiercely proud to have been given the chance to represent Oakworth on Keighley Town Council. I have been born and bred in Keighley, studied at Holycroft Primary School and then Oakbank School and currently at Leeds University.

    Since getting involved in local politics in 2012 I have actively engaged in key campaigns in the Town from the supporting our local NHS services and our Police Station from budget cuts. I am currently the Youth Representative and Branch Secretary in my local constituency party. I have proudly stood for election since becoming 18 and am honoured to have been given the opportunity to raise my voice for local people.

    I look forward to seeing the Town Council continue to provide for the members of the Parish and am excited to be the Town Council’s representative on the Edward Sugden Almshouses and the Oakworth Village Society as well as a member of the Events and Leisure committee.

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