Cllr John Lawless

Woodhouse & Hainworth: Member of Allotments & Landscapes, Community Development, Watch & Transport, Events & Leisure, Planning.
Nasar Ali

Cllr Nasar Ali

Knowle Park. Committees Allotments & Landscapes,
Paul Cook

Cllr Paul Cook

Bracken Bank & Ingrow. Committees: Chair Watch & Transport, Allotments & Landscapes.

Cllr John Kirby

Laycock and Braithwaite. Deputy Mayor, Ex-Officio on all Committees
Julie Adams

Cllr Julie Adams

Fell Lane and Westburn, Chair Events & Leisure, Vice Chair Human Resorces, Member of Allotments & Landscapes, Finance & Audit, Policies and Governance.

I was born in Whitby and have lived in Keighley…
Chris Graham

Cllr Chris Graham

Long Lee and Parkwood, Chairman of Human Resources, Vice Chair of Civic Centre & Strategy.
M Dowse

Cllr Mick Dowse

Woodhouse & Hainworth. Chair Allotments & Landscapes, Member of Watch & Transport, Planning.
A Walker

Cllr Andrea Walker

Riddlesden and Stockbridge. Allotments & Landscapes, Community Development, Events &Leisure, Finance & Audit.
Cllr L Wrench

Cllr Leanne Wrench

Long Lee and Parkwood. Vice Chair Allotments & Landscapes, Member of human Resorces.