Speeding Action

Since Keighley Town Council’s Watch & Transport Committee adopted the Speeding Action
Plan to help tackle and reduce the number of anti-social speeding vehicles across the town,
progress has been made in the following areas:

What is being done?

  • The W&T Committee adopted the Speeding Action Plan (attached) in October 2021
    and has made progress in line with the timescale for completion in the following
    areas: Identify Speeding Hotspots – a questionnaire has been set up on the Town
    Council website and has to date attracted over 400 responses from the general
    public reporting incidents across the Town. Our aim is to use this information to
    create evidence for additional measures to address this blight on our roads. This
    information has been collated and signposted to the responsible authorities, Bradford
    Council and the Police.
  • The questionnaire asks the following: the name of the road where speeding occurs;
    the speed limit on that road; the timeframe when speeding takes place and what the
    person would like to see happen to help reduce speeding in that location.
  • A speed indication device is in situ at Fell Lane. This is a pilot scheme which will
    enable the collection of data to inform where further action might be required e.g
    speed bumps/community speedwatch schemes/extra policing. The SID is mobile
    which means it can be used across sites in the Fell Lane & Westburn Ward initially.
  • As per the Plan: Multi-agency approach – the Town Council recognises the Plan
    cannot be delivered without the support and co-operation of partner organisations. A
    virtual meeting with partners took place in January 2022. This informed future
    partnership-working across the life of the Plan and gained the support of District
    Councillors and the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning & Transport, Cllr Alex
  • KTC will follow the Speeding Action Plan in partnership with those organisations
    responsible for the delivery of resource to tackle speeding across the Parish.
    The next meeting of the Watch & Transport Committee will be held: Monday 7 March 2022
    6pm in the Civic Centre. The public are invited to attend.

  • The link to the questionnaire on the KTC website:

  • Quote from Councillor Paul Cook, Chair of the Watch & Transport Committee said
    “Following on from the Town Council’s work on curbing speeding in Keighley, as
    Chair I have established a cross agency partnership meeting that will bring together
    expertise and resources to ensure there is robust outlay across town to deal with this
    issue. Keighley Town Council is working to make the town safer.”