Speed Indication Device at Fell Lane and Westburn Ward

A portable Speed Indication Device has been deployed at Fell Lane. Town Mayor, Councillor Julie Adams, Cllr Joshua Clarkson and the ex-Councillor Philip Shaw allocated Ward Development Funding in 2019 to purchase the device which will be used across the Fell Lane & Westburn Ward.

Town Mayor Cllr Julie Adams said “The Councillors in the Ward were hearing numerous complaints from residents regarding speeding vehicles driving up and down Fell Lane. Speed Indication Devices, albeit they can’t be used for enforcement purposes, remind drivers of the speed limit and stand out from regular road signs. Keep it smiling!”

The device and its maintenance will form part of an agreement with Bradford MD Council.

The Highway Authority will undertake monthly visits to designated SID deployment sites to remove the SID unit from a lighting column at one site and re-erect it onto another lighting column at an alternative site within the Ward. The downloading of recorded data also takes place on-site as part of this relocation process. Data is then analysed and interpreted and presented to the Town Council.

The Speed Indicator Device (SID)

The Speed Indicator Device (SID) is one of a range of options which may be appropriate to use at specific locations to address concerns about vehicle speeds. They are temporary sign installations, particularly useful in tackling the casual speeder who may not have realised they are driving too fast, or breaking the speed limit. Also, slower speeds reduce the likelihood of collisions occurring and fear of collisions within communities.

SIDs can potentially be installed at locations agreed with Bradford Council; it being likely that SID sites will have one or more of the following factors:

· a history of Personal Injury Collisions at the site,

· a recorded speeding problem, and/or

· public concern over vehicle speeds.

SIDs cannot be used for enforcement purposes.