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Report It

Your environment, both at home and at work, plays a critically fundamental role in your physical and mental health, as well as your overall well-being, much more than you might have ever given it credit for.

A dirty or uninviting environment doesn’t just cause infections or repulsion, it also pulls apart your emotional control and mental stability. One good reason to keep our streets clean from Fly-tipping and carless discarding of litter. A clean environment facilitates a sound health, and helps build about a robust well-being.

There are two major sides to having a clean environment. One involves removing dirt and filth while the other has to do with tidiness, having every single item in their rightful and appropriate places litter belongs in a bin not on our streets. 

This page bring together services from different organisations and Government bodies to help you locate the service you need to access. 

Not all the services listed are the responsibility of the Town Council so please follow the link provided.

Fly- Tipping