Oakworth Benches

Oakworth Benches

Oakworth Benches


The scheme will focus on getting three replacement benches in the village of Oakworth. These will be based in two locations, by the Jubilee Gardens (near Slaymaker Lane) and on a rural verge on Harehills Lane. Currently, the benches at these sites are either worn out or destroyed/missing. They need to be replaced to ensure the areas are pleasant and appealing for local residents. At the former site, there will also be two planters placed there to improve the appeal of the area.

It will ensure that civic pride is boosted in the village. Furthermore, we would also be indirectly supporting the Oakworth Village Society who currently maintain the Jubilee Gardens by preserving its use and accessibility for local residents. On top of this, by trimming back the verge on Harehills road, we will also be backing the local environment and, once again, ensuring access to a currently overgrown site.






Jubilee Gardens

        The first Bench is now in place at Jubilee Gardens.

Funded by the Council’s Ward Improvement fund, a bench has been installed at Jubilee Gardens for the local residents to enjoy. Oakworth Councillors Luke Maunsell, Peter Corkindale and Mark Curtis all contributed from their ward fund to the project.

Councillor Luke Maunsell said:

‘I am thrilled that the bench at Jubilee Gardens has been installed, and has initiated the process of providing suitable seating for local residents to enjoy scenic spots in and around the village.’