Merlin Top

Merlin Top

Merlin Top Park Litter Bin

litter bin

Pupils at Merlin Top School in Braithwaite are taking part in a competition to create a wrap design for a new litter bin for their school playground. The bin will be installed by Bradford Council and paid for by Keighley Town Council’s Ward Development Fund.

Councillor John Kirby said “I’m so glad that after two years and working in partnership with Merlin Top School, Bradford Council and my good friend Cllr Bernardini, we will be installing a litter bin in the park next to the school.”

Councillor Bernardini said “There is much more to this project than installing a litter bin. Wrapping it in a colourful design is a great idea, the competition will stimulate the children’s’ imaginations and encourage them to think creativity”.

All the designs will be photographed and displayed on our web site and in a special exhibition in the Civic Centre once Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted.

Links to: Cllr John Kirby & Cllr Emanuele Bernardini


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