Cllr Martyn Wood Chairman
Cllr Chris Graham Vice Chairman
Cllr Luke Maunsell Ex-Officio
Cllr John Kirby Ex-Officio
Cllr Martin Walker
Cllr K Hussain
Cllr J Lawless
Cllr Allan Clark
Cllr Clare Abberton
Cllr Mick Dowse
Cllr Peter Corkindale
Cllr Javaid Akhtar

Keighley Town Plan

The Planning Committee is responsible for making recommendations on planning applications submitted to the Council by the Local Planning Authority, (Bradford MDC) the committee considers the applications and provides a consultee response on applications within Keighley. 

 The committee also has a watching brief on footpaths and public rights of way with regard to planning issues, but this does not include pavements on the highway. 

 Due to the number of planning applications submitted in Keighley. The Committee meetings are usually held fortnightly on a Tuesday evening at 6.00pm and meetings are held monthly.

Terms of Reference 

  1. To make recommendations on planning applications submitted to the Council by the Local Planning Authority within the statutory 21 day consultation period.
  2. To have regard to such things as are deemed necessary and in accordance with the approved policies of the Council, to protect, preserve and enhance the local environment and the interests of the community and to have regard to ecological considerations.
  3. To keep a watching brief on footpaths and public rights of way with regard to planning issues but not to include pavements on the highway.
  4. To deal with all street naming submitted by the Principal Authority.
  5. To deal with Planning issues arising from the Localism Bill and to keep up to date with new legislation.
  6. To monitor local areas and report to the council on activities that are being taken by the principal authority to remedy the problem.
  7. To ensure that all payments made under the delegation of Officers be reported at the subsequent meeting and minuted as per Scheme of Delegation
  8. To be responsible for any budget delegated to it by the Council 
  9. To ensure that the committee conforms to the principle of Best Value by the outcomes of its’ financial resolutions.
  10. To approve all payments made by the committee when submitted with the financial report.