Members Allowances 2021/22

Members Allowances 2021/22

The Council pays an allowance to all councillors to recognise the time they spend on Council-related activities, including meetings. Separate payments are made to members to cover travelling outside the parish boundary by more than 20 miles and subsistence costs to those meetings and training which are recognised as being approved duties. During 2021/22 no such payments have been made to members.

View the Members Allowance Policy here

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You can view Members Allowances for 2021/22 here

Keighley Town Council Councillor Allowances 2021/22 
Cllr NamePayment
Julie Adams16,003.36
Emanuele Bernardini663.36
Joshua Clarkson663.36
Samantha Cooper552.80
Peter Corkindale663.36
Mark Curtis663.36
Mick Dowse663.36
Christine Graham663.36
Christopher Herd663.36
John Kirby663.36
Luke Maunsell663.36
Anayat Mohammad663.36
Shazad Mahmood663.36
Mohammed Nazam663.36
Phillip Shaw87.38
Abdul Shohid663.36
Andrea Walker663.36
Martin Walker663.36
Michael Westerman663.36
Leanne Wrench663.36
Sohail Zubair663.36
Michelle Shaw663.36
Javaid Akhtar663.36
Clare Abberton663.36
Allan Clark590.25
Nasar Ali590.25
Paul Cook590.25
Amjid Ahmed21,831.36
Martyn Wood30.00
Mohammed Ikram30.00
Kamal Hussain30.00
John Lawless30.00
Annual Total24,176.21

1 Includes the Mayors Annual Allowance

2 Includes backdated unpaid allowance from previous financial year

3 Co-opted Councillors not eligible for allowances