Keighley Vision 2027

Keighley Vision 2027

Introducing Keighley Vision 2027: Building a Stronger Community Together

Keighley Town Council is thrilled to announce the official launch of Keighley Vision 2027: Building a Stronger Community Together.

Keighley Vision 2027 sets out the Town Council objectives for the next 4 years. The Vision is a result of the ‘Your Vision for Keighley’ consultation that was undertaken in 2023. From over 700 responses the Town Council has identified four key themes to focus our work on over the next 4 years.

Your Community

The consultation highlighted the sense of civic pride Keighley residents have in their town and how many different aspects contribute to this – including the character of our streets and our heritage, the sense that residents are keen to help one another through the numerous community organisations and the sense of community that can be created from coming together at events.

We will lead a strong, connected community with a thriving community spirit and civic pride.

Supporting the Town Centre

Our consultation reiterated the importance of a strong town centre and action on improving the public realm within the town centre. The current perception of the town centre needs to be improved and minds changed from residents and visitors about the offer available within the town centre.

The consultation also highlighted how the community values events which bring the community together and encourages footfall in the town centre.

We will contribute to making Keighley town centre a thriving independent destination for residents and visitors.

Community Safety

Our consultation highlighted the importance of ensuring residents feel protected in public spaces and making our residents feel safe in their own home is a key priority for building a better Keighley.

We will support a safe and healthy town with opportunities for everyone.

Assets & The Environment

Our consultation highlighted the extent to which the community values the green spaces across Keighley.

Although, there is a sense that some of these green spaces aren’t being used to their full potential.

In 2020 the Town Council declared a Climate Emergency and is committed to working to tackle climate change and reduce Keighley’s impact on the environment.

We will protect, improve and enhance our town assets and green spaces which will assist us meet the Climate Emergency pledge.

Over 43 identified across the four themes, Keighley Vision will tackle many of the challenges facing Keighley and our residents in the months and years ahead.

Commenting at the launch of the vision, Town Mayor Cllr John Kirby said, “The themes and aims included our Keighley Vision are a direct result of the consultation the Town Council undertook in the early part of this year. This was the first time in a number of years the Town Council has run a wide ranging consultation on what the Town Council should be focussing on for the residents of Keighley. We have been realistic in what we can achieve over the next 4 years. There is a lot of work to do to achieve all our objectives and I look forward to getting stuck in with my Council colleagues to bring our vision to life.”

To learn more and get involved, please visit our website at or follow us on Social Media for updates, events, and opportunities to engage with Keighley Vision 2027.