Immigration in Keighley

For over 180 years Keighley has been accepting migrant families in search of shelter and employment. In their turn, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Ukrainian, Polish, Pakistani, Kashmiri, Bangladeshi, Indian, Czech and Slovak peoples have been welcomed and absorbed into the social fabric of the town, making Keighley a truly multi-cultural centre.

Many of the Asian families moved into the taxi, restaurant and corner shop trades, liberalising what were once restrictive practices. Strange as it seems now, before the 1970s it was difficult to buy a loaf of bread at 9.00 pm or have a late night meal or take-away after a night out.

Today Keighley Town Centre boasts Chinese, Pakistani, Kashmiri, Indian, Turkish and Italian restaurants, several of which have gained regional and national acclaim for the quality of their cuisine.