Human Resources

Human Resources

Cllr Chris Graham Chairman Cllr Julie Adams Vice Chairman Cllr Luke Maunsell – Ex-officio Cllr John Kirby – Ex-officio Cllr Chris Herd Cllr Leanne Wrench Cllr Mohammed Nazam
Human Resor

The Human Resources Committee oversees the terms and conditions for employees of the town council.  

The committee is also responsible for any recruitment processes that the council may need to undertake. 

Committee meetings are held on 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held quarterly or as the need arises. The meeting agendas, papers and minutes can be view below. Given the nature of the committee some of the information is excluded for as it contains personal and confidential information relating to individuals.

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider proposals for terms and conditions of employment and pay structures for employees of the Council.
  2. To consider the appointment of the Town Clerk, Responsible Financial Officer and other council officers and make its recommendations to Council.
  3. To ensure that the appropriate HR policies and procedures, reflecting best practice and conforming to employment law, are in place for the employees of the Council. 
  4. To ensure that appropriate training and continual professional development programmes are in place for the staff of the Council, and that these are underpinned by a robust performance appraisal scheme which is created, designed and monitored by the HR Committee..
  5. To consider and approve on behalf of the Council Internal Health and Safety policies and procedures for the staff.
  6. To consider and bring to Council for approval, any significant changes in operational design.
  7. To assess staffing needs and develop proactive recruitment strategies to minimise the duration and frequency of vacancies.
  8. To consider retention programmes e.g. training to keep employees satisfied with their jobs.
  9. To hear and determine on behalf of the Council any appeals by employees of the Council arising from any Appeals procedures available to the employees and make recommendation to Council.
  10. To be responsible for setting the level of remuneration for all staff for which a budget has been provided and recommended to Council.
  11. To consider any matters referred to the Committee by the Council.
  12. To ensure that all payments made under the delegation of Officers be reported at the subsequent meeting and minuted as per Scheme of Delegation
  13. The Clerk shall have the authority to engage casual workers subject to budget and the Clerk shall consult with the Human Resources Committee when such work is to be sanctioned.
  14. To be responsible for any budget delegated to it by the Council
  15. To ensure that the committee conforms to the principle of Best Value by the outcomes of its’ financial resolutions.
  16. To approve all payments made by the committee when submitted with the financial report.