Full Council

Full Council

What we want to achieve

The current Town Council was elected in May 2023 for a period of four years. We see our collective duty, during those four years, as serving the town to the best of our ability, within the limited resources available.

We have set ourselves 4 aims and objectives– the things we would like to achieve for the town during our term of office.

This Strategic Plan explains how we will ensure everything we do as a Town Council contributes to one of these key objectives. We will regularly report to you on how the Council is progressing.
We won’t achieve everything! Unexpected events will interfere with the strategy or may require a change in direction, or we may have been unrealistic in what we hoped to achieve.

The resources available to the Town Council are limited. The powers the Council has to do things are limited, but we think that by working cooperatively with others, encouraging them to use their own resources and experience in partnership with the Town Council to achieve their objectives we can achieve many things for Keighley.

There are some things that are beyond our powers but which we accept will be very important to the people of the town: a good range of local shops and jobs, better public transport, better health facilities. These are not forgotten, and we will support, encourage and make representation to others to deliver these whenever and wherever we can, even though many of these issues are outside the direct remit of the Keighley Town Council.

The aims and objective we have set out in the Town Plan the Town Council believes are realistic and achievable over the next 3 years.