Financial Regulations and Reports

Financial Regulations and Reports


Keighley Town Council is financed by a precept which is added to the Council tax bill sent to all householders in April each year. The Town Council calculates its budget in December to decide how much it will need to deliver its services for the town, and then requests this from Bradford Council in January.

The Town Council’s finances are ultimately governed by the Accounts and Audit regulations 2015 but the day to day operations are carried out with guidance from its own Standing Orders and Financial Regulations which can be found here.

The Council’s Finance & Audit Committee are responsible for the oversight of Council finances. The committee receive monthly reports from the Responsible Financial Officer on payments made, bank reconciliations, investment performance and bank balances.

Each month the Finance & Audit Committee appoint two Councillors to undertake spot checks of the Council finances, the outcome of these spot checks are reported to the next Finance & Audit Committee meeting.

In this section of the website, you can find information on all payments made by the Town Council on a monthly basis. Details of the current members allowance scheme and the amount of allowances paid to Councillors in the last year are also available in this section.

In accordance with the Council’s Gifts & Hospitality policy information on gifts and/or hospitality received by Councillors and employees must be published annually on the council website, you can also find this information in this section.

You can also find information on the Council’s annual budget and the Annual Governance & Accountability Return which the council is required to publish each year and submit to the external auditor for review.

The Council also has to appoint an internal auditor to check that all the processes of the council comply with regulations. Our current internal auditors are Veritau based in York. They carry out two internal audits per year and produce a report each time. They also have to sign the Annual Return.