Events and Leisure

Events and Leisure

Cllr Julie Adams Chairman
Cllr Mick Westerman Vice Chairman 
Cllr Luke Maunsell Ex-Officio

Cllr Anayat Mohammad
Cllr Andrea Walker
Cllr Anayat Mohammad
Cllr Allan Clark
Cllr Martin Wood
Cllr John Lawless


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The Events & Leisure Committee oversee the councils annual event programme. Annual events include St. George’s Day celebration, Yorkshire Day, Remembrance Sunday and Community Awards. Full details of the events calendar can be viewed here. 

Committee meetings are held on 2nd Thursday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held by-monthly.

Terms of Reference:

1. To nominate the Councils Delegated Events Officer the ‘lead person’ as organiser of each event on behalf of the Town Council 

2. To consider events to be held or supported by the Town Council during the financial year, including sporting events.

3. To organise and promote entertainments, the arts, recreational matters and to promote tourism, by or on behalf of the Town Council or in liaison with     other bodies providing or intending to provide similar activities and events.

4. To support events for young people and community groups.

5. To consider the funding aspect of each event and to look at sponsorship and other external funding where appropriate.

6. To manage the budget delegated to the committee.

7. To keep proper accounts of income and expenditure of each event for submission to the Town Council.

8. To be responsible for any budget delegated to it by the Town Council and to ensure that the committee conforms to the principle of Best Value by       reviewing the outcomes of its’ financial resolutions.

9. To ensure that all payments made under the delegation of Officers be reported to the subsequent meeting and minuted as per Scheme of Delegation

If the Chair feels that it is inappropriate, by reason of professional interest, for him/her to chair the discussion of a particular topic, then it shall be in order for the Vice Chair or in his/her absence, the eldest elected member of the Committee, to chair that portion of the meeting.

The Chair may choose to leave the meeting or remain present during the discussion, as seems appropriate.