East Morton School Ward Development Grant

Last week at our Finance and Audit Committee Meeting, Cllr Westerman secured funding from his Ward Development Fund to support East Morton School and their music classes. Having been in discussion with Headteacher, Mrs Proctor, it became obvious that some children were missing out due to financial difficulties and how truly valuable this funding would be to help change that.

Cllr Michael Westerman says – ‘As a Ward Councillor for Morton and Sandbeds, I spoke to the Head Teacher of East Morton Primary and I found out the difficulties in getting children educated in different lessons. I think music lessons are one thing they really need.

Although I am more than happy to support this as a Councillor, I believe this funding should be coming from Central Government and even down the line Bradford Council should be funding every school and every child should have the opportunity to take music lessons. They are given French lessons and Italian lessons but music lessons really are the way to go.

In the words of the song, I believe the children are our future!’