Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor

I was born in Whitby and have lived in Keighley for 32 years. I have three children who have all ‘flown the nest’, my eldest daughter and son live in London and my other daughter in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I currently work with my husband Chris in his software development business.

I developed an interest in Keighley Town Council some years ago, however, because of family and work commitments I never seemed to be able to afford the time to pursue and stand for council.
I am very passionate about doing the right thing for the people of Keighley and I am sure I have a lot to offer to Keighley Town Council and the residents of the town. I am not afraid of speaking up for what is right and would always have your best interests at heart.

Before I became a councillor I often attended council meetings as an observer to see how things were done for the town, I hope to have regular contact with the community and would welcome any concerns they may have, not only in my ward but also in Keighley in general.

Keighley Town Council and its residents can have a town and a council to be very proud of and, I strongly believe that if residents are encouraged to take an interest and become active in community projects we can leave a positive legacy for future generations.

I have a passion for travel and love to visit new places, I love scuba diving and try to do it when time allows, I also have two large dogs who keep me active and on my toes!

Julie Adams