Approved Suppliers Application

Approved Suppliers Application

Approved Suppliers Application

Keighley Town Council in its role as a provider of local services will at times need to buy in delivery of some services. As a procurer of such services it may provide the opportunity for local business to not only secure contracts direct, but through Keighley Town Council, also provide a platform for them to enter into the local authority sector and obtain references that may help them bid for other local authorities work.

Wherever it is both practicable and economically efficient to do so, Keighley Town Council will encourage the use of suppliers within a travelling distance of 20 miles in order to not only reduce the environmental impact, but also to ensure availability to respond quickly should an emergency require speedy attendance to site.

If you would like to apply to be on our Approved Suppliers list you can complete the application form below or by downloading the form and guidance notes below. Please email any attachments to

If you have downloaded the form, you can return the application and supporting documentation by email to or via the post (mark envelopes “Approved Suppliers List”) Keighley Town Council, North Street, Keighley, BD21 3RZ.

Applications are open. 

The list of approved suppliers is listed on our website and will be updated regularly.

You can download a PDF of the “Guidance Notes” and complete the Word Document if you prefer by clicking on “Download” below.


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