Council Policies

Council Policies

Council policies are reviewed on a regular basis

The Town Council is a corporate body and the day to day operations of the Council are managed by the rules set out in various policy and procedure documents.

Policies are considered by Council committees who make recommendations to the full council, which is responsible for approving all Council policies.

You can view the current adopted council policies below.

Training & Delopment Policy (opens in a new tab)

Policy NumberPolicyDate AdoptedNext ReviewPolicy numberPolicyDate AdoptedNext ReviewPolicy numberPolicyDate AdoptedNext Review
1Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy March 2020March 202423Scheme of DelegationJune 2023May 202445 Community EngagementJune 2023May 2027
2Public Inspection policyMarch 2020May 202224Social media & media relations policyJune 2023June 2024
3Asset Register Policy & Asset RegisterJune 2023May 202425Staff Appraisal policyJune 2023May 2024
4Complaints policyMarch 2020May 202426Standing Orders June 2023May 2024
5Co-option PolicyMarch 2020May 202227Training policyMarch 2023 May 2027
6Corporate Governance statementMarch 2020May 202228Volunteering policyJune 2023May 2024
7Document Retention policyMarch 2020May 202229Display Screen policyMarch 2020May 2022
8Employee Code of ConductMarch 2020May 202330Investment policyJune 2023May 2024
9Flag Flying policyMarch 2020May202431Security Incident policyJune 2023May 2024
10Freedom of Information policyJune 2023May 202432Approved Suppliers policyJune 2023May 2024
11Grants policyMay 2023May 202433Equal Opportunities policyJune 2023May 2024
12Grit Bin policyJune 2023May 202434Gifts and Hospitality policyJune 2023May 2024
13Health & Safety policyMarch 2022May 202435Memorial Bench policySeptember 2021May 2022
14I.T policyMarch 2020May 202236Members Allowance policyJune 2023May 2024
15Publication schemeMay 2020May 202237Time off in Lieu (TOIL) policyJune 2021June 2022
16Lone Working policyMarch 2020May 202338Child Protection & Vulnerable person policyJune 2021June 2024
17Mayoral HandbookMay 2022May 202639Reserves policyJune 2023May 2024
18Members Code of ConductJune 2023May 202440Pension discretion policyMarch 2022March 2026
19Pesticides policyFebruary 2020May 202441CCTV policyMay 2021May 2024
20Recording Meetings policyJune 2023May 202442Financial RegulationsJune 2023May 2024
21Procurement policyJune 2023June 202443Violence at Work PolicySeptember 2022September 2024
22Corporate Risk AssessmentJune 2023May 202444Dignity at Work PolicySeptember 2022September 2024