Cllr John Kirby

Laycock and Braithwaite. Chair of Allotments & Landscapes, Member Civic Centre & Strategy,
Chris Graham

Cllr Chris Graham

Long Lee and Parkwood, Chairman of Human Resources, Vice Chair of Allotments & Landscapes, Watch & Transport, Events & Leisure,
Cllr L Wrench

Cllr Leanne Wrench

Long Lee and Parkwood. Vice Chair Events and Leisure,

Cllr Michael Westerman

Morton & Sandbeds, Chairman of Complaints and Events, Vice Chairman of Policy & Governance
Martyn Wood

Cllr Martyn Wood

Morton & Sandbeds. Vice Chair Planning. Member of Civic Centre & Strategy, Finance & Audit,

Cllr Luke Maunsell

Oakworth, Deputy Mayor

I am fiercely proud to represent Oakworth on Keighley Town…
Mark Curtis

Cllr Mark Curtis

Oakworth, Chair of Policy & Governance. Member of Finance & Audit

I have lived in Keighley all my life, and in…
Cllr Peter Corkindale

Cllr Peter Corkindale

Oakworth. Chair of Civic Centre & Strategy, Member of Allotments & Landscapes, Community Development, Events & Leisure, Policy & Governance, Planning,

I was born in Bingley in 1948 and moved to…
A Walker

Cllr Andrea Walker

Riddlesden and Stockbridge. Allotments & Landscapes, Complaints, Events & Leisure, Human Resorces.
M Shaw

Cllr Michelle Shaw

Riddlesden and Stockbridge. Watch & Transport, Complaints, Planning.

Cllr Sohail Zubair

Riddlesden and Stockbridge. Watch & Transport, Finance & Audit,

Cllr Anayat Mohammad

Spring Gardens and Utley. Chairman of Watch & Transport,

I have lived in Utley with my family since moving…