Community Showcase

On Saturday 19 March 2022, Keighley Town Council held the Community Showcase at the Civic Centre. The showcase hosted groups that Keighley Town Council have funded and worked with closely: not only giving them a chance to exhibit the great work they do, but to meet with the public and other like-minded service providers. Groups that attended were Keighley Urban Meadows, Ma Kelly’s Kitchen, Keighley Asian Women & Children’s Centre, Men of Worth, Keighley PRIDE, Keighley Works, Steve Thorpe, James Project, Lion’s Den, Shipley College and more.

The showcase was led and funded by Keighley Town Council’s Community Development Committee. Town Council Mayor, Julie Adams, who is also a member of the Community Development Committee said:

‘It is encouraging to see how many brilliant groups there are out there, and how our funding helps them maintain their fantastic and important services.’  

Special thanks goes out to all of the groups who attended and brought the event to life and gave up their time to be involved.