Community Development

Community Development

Cllr Abdul Shohid Chairman
Cllr Allan Clarke Vice Chairman
Cllr. John Kirby Ex-officio

Cllr J. Clarkson
Cllr John Lawless
Cllr E. Bernardini
Cllr Andrea Walker
Cllr Claire Abberton
Cllr Mark Curtis

community dev

The Community Development Committee oversees the work of the Project Worker who leads on community-based projects for the Council. The Project Worker is supported by the Assistant Town Clerk/Community Development Officer. 

Committee meetings are held on 1st Wednesday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held by-monthly.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To oversee the Council’s commitment to support community development practice within its area of benefit and influence.
  2. To support the Assistant Town Clerk/CDO in the development of positive actions and activities in response to emerging issues and opportunities within local communities. 
  3. To implement and support positive actions with reference to the key priorities detailed within the Council’s Town Plan.
  4. To facilitate effective community engagement arrangements that encourage and enable local residents to contribute to the development of the Town Plan.
  5. To facilitate the creation of Ward Profiles in support of the Council’s community engagement strategy.
  6. To be responsible for the deployment of community development specific budgets.
  7. To approve Project Proposals generated in consultation with partners and Members. 
  8. To consider and develop Parish wide initiatives in response to Keighley Town Council’s priorities.
  9. To ensure Councillors are appraised of and aware of their roles within the community development process through the implementation of workshops and the sharing of information.  
  10. To liaise with and support other Keighley Town Council Committees on issues of common interest.