Committees of the Council

Committees of the Council

Full Council is the corporate body of the Council. Any actions taken are done so in the name of the Council. The Council can choose to delegate functions to committees and council officers, this is detailed via the Scheme of Delegation. However, there are certain activities the Council cannot delegate, such as setting the annual precept amount, approving policies and appointing the Council’s senior officers.

The Allotments Committee has oversight of the Town Council’s allotments and ensure that the terms of its Tenancy Agreement is up to date, as well as being adhered to. The Allotment Committee will deal with issues relating to the management of the allotments which may include allocations, complaints, requests from tenants or on-site committees, inspections, warnings and evictions. The Council employs an Allotments Officer who deals with the day to day running and management of all 12 Allotment sites under the control of the Council.

The Civic Centre offers conference, room and banqueting hall hire faculties. The meeting rooms available for hire can accommodation up to 12 people with free Wi-Fi facilities in the building. The Function Room on the first floor holds up to 100 people where meetings/events can take place, with the option of opening up the bar area for overflow capacity. We have a disabled lift on the outside of the building and also a lift operating from the ground to the first floor. We do have catering and drinks facilities available, and these need to be booked well in advance depending on your requirements and the work involved.

The Community Development Team exists to support and deliver a broad range of social and environmental improvement projects across the Keighley Town Council area of benefit. We are committed to the development of people led responses to the concerns, observations and bright ideas shared with us by local people. We work in partnership with groups, organisations and service providers to help local people to have their say and shape the future of their own communities. Our team has many years of successful community development experience and can provide expert advice, support and guidance to groups, organisations and individuals who want to get involved in making our town a place to be proud of.”

Committee meetings are held on 1st Wednesday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held by-monthly. 

The Events & Leisure Committee oversee the councils annual event programme. Annual events include St. George’s Day celebration, Yorkshire Day, Remembrance Sunday and Community Awards. Full details of the events calendar can be viewed here. 

Committee meetings are held on 2nd Thursday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held by-monthly

This Committee oversees and provide guidance to the Town Clerk and RFO of the Council, dealing with financial decisions that go to fill council for ratification, they also, prior to the Budget process review any Subscriptions, Honorariums, Service Provision Agreements and Service Level Agreements, with suppliers and providers with a view to their continued necessity, suitability and value for money. And make recommendations to committees and council as required. Further, during November a Budget Working Group review the estimates and budgets put forward by committees and propose a precept to Finance & Audit based on the figures provided by all committees and other financial commitments of the Council for the next financial year.

The Human Resources Committee oversees the terms and conditions for employees of the town council, also responsible for any recruitment processes that the council may need to undertake. Given the nature of the committee some of the information is excluded for as it contains personal and confidential information relating to individuals. 

Meetings are held on 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held quarterly or as the need arises

The Planning Committee is responsible for making recommendations on planning applications submitted to the Council by the Local Planning Authority, (Bradford MDC) the committee considers the applications and provides a consultee response on applications within Keighley. 

The committee also has a watching brief on footpaths and public rights of way with regard to planning issues, but this does not include pavements on the highway. Due to the number of planning applications submitted in Keighley. 

The Committee meetings are usually held fortnightly on a Tuesday evening at 6.00pm and meetings are held monthly.

The Committee is responsible for Policies and procedures for the conduct of council business, standing orders, Committee and sub-committee terms of reference, Code of Conduct,
Policy statements, Policies and procedures for the provision of services performed by the Council, Internal policies relating to the delivery of services, Equality and diversity, Health and safety, procedures for handling requests for information, Information security, Records management, records retention, destruction and archive and Data protection including GDPR.

The Watch & Transport Committee is responsible for the management of council assets such as Grit Bins, Boundary Signs, Heritage Phone boxes and supporting CCTV schemes. 

The committee receives regular updates from West Yorkshire Police on issues relating to Keighley.  

Committee meetings are held on 1st Monday of the month at 6.00pm and meetings are held by-monthly.