Civic Centre and Strategy Committee

Civic Centre and Strategy Committee

The Civic Centre & Strategy Committee oversees the Civic Centre operations on behalf of the council. The role includes overseeing the general upkeep and maintenance of the building, approving long term rental agreements and developing the marketing plan for the promotion of the Civic Centre as a function venue.

Committee Members

  • Cllr Peter Corkindale – Chair
  • Cllr Chris Graham – Vice-Chair
  • Cllr Clare Abberton
  • Cllr Martin Crangle
  • Cllr Abdul Shohid
  • Cllr Martin Walker
  • Cllr Mark Curtis – Ex-Officio
  • 2 x Vacancies

Terms of Reference

  • The Committee with the Clerk to work with the Civic Centre tenants for the effective development of all aspects of the Civic Centre.
  • To oversee the running of the Civic Centre and to report to the Town Council on a monthly basis.
  • To develop, review and work towards the Civic Centre strategy approved by the Council
  • To liaise with outside organisations and to promote the Town Council’s position and ideals for all matters under the remit where appropriate.
  • To promote the Civic Centre amenities by use of all methods possible.
  • To actively seek new ways to encourage more local groups and companies to make use of the facilities on offer
  • The Town Clerk to oversee all Civic Centre staff, volunteers and those on zero hours contracts, when engaged on any Civic Centre business.
  • To be responsible for any budget delegated to it by the Council
  • To ensure that the committee conforms to the principle of Best Value by the outcomes of its financial resolutions.
  • To approve all payments made by the committee when submitted with the financial report.
  • To ensure that all payments made under the delegation of Officers be reported at the subsequent meeting and minuted as per Scheme of Delegation.
  • If the Chair feels that it is inappropriate, by reason of professional interest, for him/her to chair the discussion of a particular topic, then it shall be in order for the Vice Chair or in his/her absence, the eldest elected member of the Committee, to chair that portion of the meeting.
  • The Chair may choose to leave the meeting or remain present during the discussion, as seems appropriate.