Budget Information

Budget Information

Town Council operations and services are primarily funded through the Council Tax paid by residents of Keighley.  Additional income is generated by the Town Council through the hire of facilities, allotment rents and sponsorship for events such as the Community Awards.

Each year the council undertakes a budget setting process which begins in the autumn, during which time the anticipated income and expenditure for the following year is calculated and reviewed.  The amount received by the Town Council is calculated each year by way of a budget setting process. This process takes into account the statutory commitments the Town Council has to its residents as well as upcoming projects and arrives at a figure known as the precept. The final budget is approved by the Town Council each January and the figure required to be collected as part of the Council Tax is set.

The Town Council has set out its aims and objectives up to 2027 in its Keighley Vision 2027: Building a Stronger Community Together plan. Committees consider the agreed aims and what resources they will need to deliver the plan.

The budget and precept must be approved by Full Council and cannot be delegated to a committee or Council Officers.

For 2024/25 the Town Council has set an overall budget of £1,185,426 and a precept of £1,136,626.

This equates to the following precept amount for each Council Tax Band

Council Tax BandAnnual Precept AmountIncrease per month from previous yearIncrease per week from previous year

The Council Tax base used to calculate the precept for 2024/25 is 15,232 dwellings. Of these dwellings 82% (13,164 dwellings) are in Bands A – C and will see an increase of £1.64 or less per month on their current precept amount.

Of the 13,164 properties, 50% (6,527 dwellings) fall into Band A, the lowest cost of all the Council Tax Bands. The Band A precept will increase by £1.23 per month compared to the current year.

The additional precept will help fund the things such as;

  • £60,000 in grants to support local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations
  • £10,000 towards improving independent shop frontages in the town centre
  • Funding towards the development of a Walking Festival across Keighley which will aim to encourage more people in physical activity but also attract visitors to Keighley and our surrounding beautiful countryside
  • Funding towards the development of a Festival of Sport to highlight and promote the various sport clubs and physical activity group across Keighley
  • Additional funding for events such as St. Georges Day, Yorkshire Day, Eid and Christmas celebration events
  • Funding for two additional family fun days to be delivered in community settings
  • Further investment into the Town Centre floral displays as we continue to work on improving the appearance of our town centre
  • An investment to return regular outdoor markets to the town centre
  • Additional investment into Christmas Lights for the town centre
  • Further investment to support West Yorkshire Police tackle anti social driving and speeding across Keighley
  • Funding for Community focussed projects, such as our People Planters, Try something summer activities, our pollinators project with local schools and the weekly carom club.

You can read the full budget has been outlined below.

For more information about Council tax visit Bradford Council’s website

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