Raised Beds

It was decided that this site would be the first one in Keighley to have raised beds specifically designed for disabled who are wheelchair bound, During late summer 2008 a ground contractor came on site to do the ground clearance for these beds, this entailed the removal of many tonnes of fly-tipping. 

It was necessary to level the land as much as is possible to ensure a good firm base for wheelchairs to travers around each bed with minimum effort, this was carried out by machine in a very short time, the main feeder path is 1.5 M wide and was laid with hardcore and paving slabs on top this has created a relatively level surface easy for wheelchairs to run on and turn around. It is also an easy and safe path to walk on. The beds are made from treated timber to a height of approximately 60cm, filled with a mix of good compost and well-rotted organic matter finally, handrails and grab rails have been positioned at strategic places to aid mobility around the site.  

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