KTC has thirteen allotment sites under its control which all fall under the remit of the Allotments & Landscapes Committee. Additionally, the committee also has responsibility for: Damems Nature Trail, Oakworth Sensory Garden and Town Hall Square.

The allotments were in dire need of investment when KTC took control of them in 2005. Over the past decade, an investment program has brought the majority of the sites up to a good standard.

Many sites have had new security fencing; others have had path and water improvements. Some sites have also had additional plots created. We are aware there are still some outstanding issues to be attended to on some allotments sites and these matters are being dealt with on an ongoing basis.

We are very proud of our relatively short waiting lists in Keighley for an allotment. There are less than one hundred people waiting collectively across the town for a plot. This is less than half of what the list was at its peak. It is also considerably shorter than many comparative lists in other areas of the country. However, we can’t rest on our laurels and we are constantly striving to further reduce the waiting times.




Membership:       Eight Town councillors, plus Mayor or Deputy Mayor

Quorum:                Four Town councillors with voting powers

Meetings:              Monthly or as required




  1. To oversee the work of the Allotments officer and administrative arrangements.
  2. To provide guidance and assistance to the Allotments Officer in all matters relating to the allotments and landscape under the control of the Town Council and including assistance with the formation of Allotment Associations and obtaining external funding for Allotments & Landscapes.
  3. To draw up the rules in respect to the Allotment as they affect the allotment tenants:
  4. The rent for the allotments and the date on which the rent shall be due reserving the right to review at any time the yearly rent and bring into effect any revised charges.
  5. Termination of a Tenancy.
  6. Services of notice to be given to a tenant.
  7. Power to inspect allotment gardens.
  8. The general conditions under which the allotment gardens are to be used.
  9. Observance of conditions of lease.
  10. Prohibition of trade or business.
  11. Erections of sheds and other structures.
  12. Keeping livestock.
  13. Prohibition of sub-letting.
  14. Prevention of nuisance and annoyance to others.
  15. To seek year on year improvements to the allotment stock.
  16. To provide guidance to Allotment Associations in seeking funding.
  17. To consider environmental issues including drainage, litter and recycling.
  18. To keep a watching brief on all parks and open spaces, village greens, common land and War Memorials.
  19. To manage monies delegated to it by the Town Council or obtained by external funding and to check all payments made by the Committee when submitted with the Financial Report..
  20. To ensure that the Allotments & Landscapes Committee conforms to the principle of Best Value.


If the Chair feels that it is inappropriate, by reason of professional interest, for him/her to chair the discussion of a particular topic, then it shall be in order for the Vice Chair or in his/her absence, the eldest elected member of the Committee, to chair that portion of the meeting.

The Chair may choose to leave the meeting or remain present during the discussion, as seems appropriate.