About Community Development

About Community Development

About Community Development

Community Development is all about bringing local people, decision makers and service providers together to address issues of inequality and deprivation by making the best use of available resources to create thriving communities for the benefit of everyone.

Whilst Bradford Metropolitan District Council is a provider of services such as social services, highway maintenance, street cleaning and refuse collections etc, Keighley Town Council is a civic authority with responsibility for community development and the promotion of active citizenship and civic pride. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can have their say and take part in addressing the issues that affect their lives.

Within Keighley there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, can be channelled to meet the needs of the residents of Keighley.

Keighley Town Council is committed to supporting people-led action, developing self-help initiatives, increasing community engagement, expanding the number of productive working partnerships between organisations within the town, and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone.

We are here to support the development of life skills and skills sharing, create lifelong learning opportunities to assist people into work and increase opportunities for those already in work. Keighley Town Council has a big part to play in the development of positive community relations by supporting projects and activities that help to reduce prejudice and help to create a more integrated Keighley.

Pip Gibson

Our Assistant Town Clerk/Community Development Officer, Pip Gibson has been actively organising and supporting community development initiatives across the town for many years in response to a wide range of emerging issues and opportunities. A key aspect of Pip’s work is to deliver Keighley Town Council’s commitment to the people in response to the Town Plan’s key objectives by supporting the development of local groups and partnerships.

Email: pip.gibson@keighley.gov.uk