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Covid-19 update information.

Browse cases data for specific areas within the UK.

The map displays weekly data, which are updated everyday. Use the slider to select a week-ending date.

Local view: The default zoom level shows Upper Tier Local Authorities (UTLA). Zoom in for more details, including Lower Tier Local Authorities (LTLA) and Middle layer Super Output Areas (MSOA).

Suppressed rates: MSOA level rates are suppressed where there have been fewer than 3 cases in a seven-day period. This is to protect the privacy of individuals and prevent disclosure.

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Capt Sir TomPlaque1

A Keighley Man for us all to be proud of.

Captain TOM MOORE.

Colonel Sir Thomas Moore (born 30 April 1920), popularly known as Captain Tom, is a former British Army officer known for his achievements raising £32, 795, 065 for the NHS in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cllr Peter Corkindale
Town Mayor
Peter Corkindale

“One Town One People”

Cllr Julie Addams
Deputy Mayor
Julie Adams