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Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden

June 23rd 2008 saw the official opening of the brand new Sensory Garden at Dockroyd Lane, Oakworth.

The Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Ward cut the ribbon and spoke a few words to officially declare the garden open in the presence of local Councillors and residents Cllr Morris Chair of the Allotments and Landscapes Committee who’s Committee gave the project its full support and the ouncils Allotments Officer.

The Allotments Officer explained on the opening day, that he “didn’t like to see any land abandoned and doing nothing such as this, when it could be put to a better use, in this case for the people of Oakworth”

Prior to that, the site had been left to go wild before KTC had the land transferred to them. It was unsuitable for use as allotments due to the substantial framework of trees. The garden was paid for by a successful funding application to The Lottery’s Breathing Places programme. The theme was to design a free to use garden, that would stimulate the five senses.

Over a thousand plants went in the garden during its creation. Here are a selection:

  • Taste- various herbs & vegetables, and edible ornamental plants ie calendula, wild strawberries, nasturtium and dandelions!
  • Touch- Stachys byzantia (Lambs Ears), Amaranthus caudatus (Love-lies-bleeding), Salix discolor (Pussy willow), Artemisa sp.(Wormwood).
  • Sight - Alchemilla mollis,(Lady’s Mantle), Heuchera, Acer, (Japanese Maple), Sedum (Ice plant)
  • Sound – Phyllostachys ( Bamboo), Lunaria annua (Honesty), Cortaderia selloana (Pampas Grass), Miscanthus.
  • Smell- Helichrysum italicum, (Curry Plant), Lonicera periclymenum (Honeysuckle), Paeonia hybrids (Peony), Buddleia davidii (Butterfly bush).

As many materials as possible, were recycled and very few things went to landfill during the creation of the garden.

Nearly seven years on and it is now a thriving wildlife and sensory garden, with provision for birds and butterflies. The garden is appreciated by Oakworth residents and is visited by many passers by including schoolchildren and members of the public.

The Haworth & Worth Valley Rotary Club have very kindly helped to maintain the garden from its inception. “They do a sterling job” says Lee and we are very grateful for all the hard work they do. They have also made generous donations of bulbs over the years. The Oakworth Sensory Garden is a pleasant place to spend time and give something back.

Looking ahead- we are always in need of new volunteers to spend a few hours pottering around in the garden- helping to keep it looking tidy. If anyone is interested in helping to maintain the garden or would like to find out more, email the allotments officer using the councils contact Form.

Please note – there is no parking at the garden itself. However it is only a couple of minutes walk from the bus stop in the centre of Oakworth near Holden Park.