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Keighley Town Council's Social Media

Keighley Town Council has launched it's Facebook and Twitter pages! With regular updates and lots of information, including upcoming Committee meeting dates, Mayor's charity, events, civic activities and much more.

Find us at:

Facebook – Keighley Town Council

Twitter – @keighleytowncnl

You can also view the Council’s Social Media Policy

Keighley Town Council’s Facebook page shares current and recent developments on Town Council business with the local community. The Keighley Town Council twitter feed @keighleytowncil will also share this information to the open source community.

Residents of Keighley or those with an interest in Keighley can freely access the Town Council’s Facebook page or follow the Twitter handle. Posting on the Town Council’s Facebook page is currently restricted toadministrators only.

The pages will not be used for advertising or promotion of commercial enterprise or the sale of goods.

Commenting on the posts does not guarantee a reply from the administrator. The supported official method of contacting the Town Council remains through post to; Keighley Town Council, Keighley Civic Centre, North Street, Keighley, BD21 3RZ, or by email to townclerk@keighley.gov.uk.

Keighley Town Council’s social media sites will not be a recognised method of formally contacting the Council.

The Facebook and Twitter pages enact a zero tolerance policy towards abuse or discrimination of any kind, those exhibiting these behaviours will be removed from the page/feed and their posts will be deleted. Similarly the posting of any material that could be considered offensive to other users of the group will be deleted.

Any feedback with the social media sites is much appreciated.