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Grit Bins

Keighley Town Council took on the responsibility of the grit bins within the parish in 2007. This had arisen from requests from residents that the Town Council considered. The District Councillors purchased a number of grit bins around the same time and requested KTC to take on the responsibility for them. Some of these were taken over. Further information on winter weather, gritting and disruptions can be found on this page or on the Highways Authority page, Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Grit Refill

The Town Council is responsible for the 61 grit bins within the parish. A list of these bins can be viewed here. These bins are clearly marked with the Town Council logo.

The Town Council grit bins are replenished at the start of the winter period and during the winter as resources permit. All other grit bins are refilled by the Highways Authority of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. To request a refill for a Town Council grit bin, please ring 01535 618252. For all other grit bins, please contact BMDC on 01274 431000 or alternativelty complete the online form. Please act responsibly for the good of the wider community and do not take grit to use on your own driveway as this will have an impact on local road safety. Grit for clearing your footpath and driveway can be purchased at local DIY or Hardware retailers.

How to apply for a grit bin

The Town Council has adopted a Grit Bin Policy and Procedure for dealing with request from residents within the parish. For your application to be considered we ask that you read the key factors below.

  1. Read the Grit Bin Policy and Procedure
  2. Download and print the application form. Please ensure that the form is signed by at least 50% of the households within 100 metres of the proposed bin.
  3. Complete and sign the form.
  4. Return it to the address at the bottom of the form.

We will assess the proposed site for your bin in relation to visibility, obstruction and distance from the edge of the road. If your application is approved we will send send you a confirmation letter, however If we can't approve the application, we will then contact you to discuss it.

Keys Factors that are considered 

Height of land i.e. altitude, Highway gradient, Highway safety and Distance to next grit box.  Other factors e.g. elderly persons' accommodation; known water problems; junction problems; unadopted status.The Town Council will not provide grit bins:

  • On a route already gritted by Bradford Council
  • In private areas or car parks or any other public or private property such as schools, parks, hospitals, old people’s homes, Etc unless a service agreement is in place

Grit bins shall only be located where at least one of the criteria in List (A) are met and all the remaining seven in List (B) in the case of a new location

List (A)  

  • The gradient is greater than 1 in 10.
  • A junction with a known history of accidents.
  • Acceptable number of disabled or elderly residents.

List (B) 

  • Must be for use on the public highway. (Road and footway)
  • The location shall not obstruct the passage of pedestrians.
  • A minimum of 1.5m clearance on the footway is required.
  • The location shall not obstruct sight lines.
  • The location is not within 200m of another grit bin location.
  • The location is within an urban area.
  • The location is either within the boundary of a public road or can be sited on private land with the landowner’s permission in a way to give safe uninterrupted access by residents, Keighley Town Council operatives, contractors and or authorised persons.