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KTC has thirteen allotment sites under its remit which all fall under the remit of the Allotments & Landscapes Committee. Additionally, the committee also has responsibility for: Bronte Turning circle, Damems Nature Trail, Oakworth Sensory Garden and Town Hall Square.The allotments were in dire need of investment when KTC began to take control of them in 2005. Over the past decade, an investment program has brought the majority of the sites up to a good standard.

Many sites have had new fencing, others have had new path improvements and water improvements. Some sites have also had additional plots created. We are aware there are still some outstanding issues to be attended to on some allotments sites and these matters are being dealt with on an ongoing basis.

We are very proud of our relatively short waiting lists in Keighley for an allotment. There are less than one hundred people waiting collectively across the town for a plot. This is less than half of what the list was at its peak. It is also considerably shorter than many comparative lists in other areas of the country. However, we can’t rest on our laurels and we are constantly striving to further reduce the waiting times.

Allotment Sites 

Contact the Allotment's Officer for further details: lee.senior@bradford.gov.uk

Arncliffe Road Marley
Bracken Bank Marland Road
Castle Hills Oakworth
East Morton Selbourne Grove
Granby Drive Utley
Guardhouse West Field Crescent
Hard Ings Road  






For those lucky enough to have an allotment it is a real privilege to grow your own food. However allotments do take up a lot of time. Certainly 6-10 hours per week down on the plot during the growing season is typical. Often running a successful plot can take even longer than this. Without doubt the one thing that defeats new starters more than anything else is a lack of enough spare time to tend the plot. So please do carefully consider whether you can fit in the commitment of having an allotment into your life before applying to take one on.

Although the press like to publicise allotments and rightly so, they often overlook the amount of work involved! However, the rewards of a well tended plot are immense. Fresh, healthy, tasty fruit and vegetables for your family can be produced almost all the year round. This combined with good exercise, plenty of fresh air and a chance to meet new people and make new friends make the attractions clear.

Allotment Waiting List (Updated 29 April 2016)

If anyone is interested in having a plot please contact the Allotments Officer, Mr Lee Senior. 

Advice Sheet for Newcomers

The Office opening hours are:

  • Monday 8.30am to 4.00pm
  • Tuesday 8.30am to 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 8.30am to 3.00pm

Email: lee.senior@bradford.gov.uk or ring the office on 01535 618396 or 07766 402539. Please note that the Allotments Office is only open on a part time basis

Site Name

 Number of People on List


Arncliffe Road


For Horticultural use only – no animals allowed

Bracken Bank


This site has no mains water

Castle Hills


Some plots allow poultry

Granby Drive               ( Riddlesden)


For Horticultural use only – no animals alowed



Plots allow poultry

Hard Ings Rd


Plots allow poultry

East Morton


For Horticultural use only – no animals allowed



For Horticultural use only – no animals allowed

Dockroyd Lane



For Horticultural use only – no animals allowed

Selborne Grove


Several plots allow poultry. The majority are for horticultural use only



For Horticultural use only – no animals allowed

Westfield Cres

( Riddlesden)



This site has no mains water.

Horticultural use only – no animals allowed

NB: We reserve the right to request up to date proof of identity and proof of residency of all applicants.

Any applicant who wishes to claim a reduction in rent will be expected to provide up to date proof.  With regards to benefits this will mean up a photocopy of your up to date entitlement.