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Mayor Making

Cllr Peter Corkindale joined Keighley Town Council in 2011, during this time he has worked tirelessly for not only the ward he represents “Oakworth” but the whole Town, his efforts to help as many people as possible has now been recognised and rewarded by those that have worked with him over the years. We are all expecting good things to happen under his leadership and no one has any doubt of his ability to bring the Council together as one for the benefit of all.

Keighley Mayor

Town Mayor Peter Corkindale

Town Mayor with Consort

Mayor with Consort

Keighley Town Mayor and Deputy

Town Mayor and Deputy

Keighley Town Mayor and Family

Town Mayor and Family

Keighley Mayor Deputy and deputy's consort

Town Mayor with Deputy Mayor Phil Shaw and his daughter as Consort

Former Mayor's and Clerk look on

Former Mayor’s George Metcalf Toney Right, Graham Mitchel and former Clerk Miggy Bailey

Invited Guests

Invited Guests


Some of the Mayors family and invited Guests


Invited Guests

Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford Ilkley

Cllr Stephen Buttler Chair of Ilkley Town Council, Cllr Shabir Hussain Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford