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   MH-P Ltd - County Claim Case 'Struck Out'    18 May, 2016

Further to the County Claim Court hearing of 23 December 2015, the Council received notification that upon it becoming apparent that due to an error of the court, the evidence filed by the claimant ‘MH-P Ltd’ was not before the court on 23 December 2015. The District Judge ordered that:

1) The order made on 23 December 2015 is revoked

2. The claim is transferred to the County Court at High Wycombe for further directions and trial

The Council was then advised that the Court hearing date was scheduled to take place on the 14 July 2016 at 2.00pm High Wycombe County Court.  In this communication from the court dated 13 April 2016, the Claimant was requested to file with the court office and serve the defendant with a breakdown of the amount claimed showing all the work done and materials supplied with copy documents. In a further letter dated 05 May 2016, the claimant was advised to pay the hearing fee of £80.00 or provide an application for fee remission with the required evidence by the 16 May 2016 or the claim will be struck out and the hearing vacated which the company failed to do so.

The Council can confirm that in the latest communication dated 18 May 2016 from the County Court, the District Judge at High Wycombe County Court has ordered that the claim is struck out and the hearing listed for 14 July is vacated. 

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